Take the Easter Egg Hunt Challenge in Your Driveway

Mar 28, 2024

Spring is the perfect time of year for an Easter egg hunt. And we’re challenging you to find as many as you can.

Hold on, though. We’re not talking about toy eggs, candy eggs or even the type that a chicken lays. We’re referring to the Easter eggs hidden in your Ford vehicle.

In case you didn’t know, Easter eggs in a vehicle are hidden features or design elements that are included as fun or whimsical details for owners to discover. They can be anything from small hidden images or messages to unique design elements that are not immediately obvious. Some car manufacturers like Ford hide Easter eggs to add personality to their vehicles, creating surprise and delight for customers.

So … 3, 2, 1, GO! Start looking. Snap some photos, and share your finds with us on the Blue Oval Now app

Stumped? Here’s a few starting points.


  • First-Generation Bronco in rear window
  • Latitude and Longitude to Bronco Knoll testing spot in Johnson Valley in rear cargo area


  • All seven generation of Mustang at bottom of rear window


  • Detroit and Chicago embossed on left and right sides of air vents when you open front doors
  • Jurassic Park Explorer and earlier generations of Explorer on passenger side of center console


  • Built Ford Tough Shields on left and right sides of air vents when you open front doors