Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about @FordOnline and related topics below. If you have a question that isn’t covered below, reach out to Questions are responded to frequently. 


If your questions are technical in nature, please contact the Corporate Help Desk (1-888-317-4957 or x74957 internally) or submit an IT Connect ticket (  If you have specific benefits questions, contact the NESC at 1-800-248-4444 or visit My Ford Benefits.

About @FordOnline

@Ford Online is the Ford Motor Company portal for employees and retirees. The site includes links to a wide array of Ford resources and tools, as well as global company and industry news for employees, retirees and agency/contract personnel.

We’ve worked to simplify @FordOnline and make it more engaging. The new design will allow personalization of your daily news feed so you can quickly see topics of interest to you. Among other aesthetic changes, including the ability to set your own world clocks and bookmarks, we are excited about the new threaded commenting functionality which will allow you to interact with your colleagues by directly replying to a specific comment and engaging in conversations.  This new functionality is not intended to engage in back-and-forth debates.

You can access it by going to While some information on @FordOnline is visible to the public, accessing the full authenticated site experience requires you to login. 

No, you can access @FordOnline with any internet connection, however, some links are only active when you are logged into the Ford VPN. If a link does not work, try accessing it once you are logged into the Ford VPN.

If you have a CDS ID, you can log in by clicking the Sign in link in the top right corner of the screen.

Some content is visible publicly, but a lot of the information can only be accessed by visitors who have login rights. For visitors who are logged in, the site is designed to default to a person’s home region and may display content specific to that region.

If you have an article idea, group or event you’d like to submit for publication or promotion on @Ford Online, email

@Ford Online is primarily intended for employees, retirees and agency/contract personnel.  However, any information on the site that does NOT require a login may be shared freely via the share links provided on the content you’re trying to share.

You can email us at

Visitors who are logged in to @FordOnline and connected to the Ford VPN can perform a CDS Lookup by accessing the Resources tab in the main navigation, then clicking on the CDS Lookup dropdown menu item.

Yes, @FordOnline is a mobile responsive site experience.


@Ford Online has multiple search options, which can be accessed by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the upper right corner of the site. You can select whether to search:

  • @FordOnline, which will search only for content published on @FordOnline  

  • Enterprise Search, which will search all internal Ford intranet sites for relevant content

To access the advanced search tools, first perform a search then use the filters on the search results page to refine your search criteria.

The @FordNotes have now moved to Announcements, which appear at the top of your Today@Ford dashboard.

If your bookmarked page was published before 2021, the page will no longer load. 

It depends on the browser you are using. Please refer to your browser-specific process to change your default landing page.

First, try the search function on the site. If you still can’t find something, please email or contact the Corporate Help Desk at 1-888-317-4957 or x74957 internally.

Benefits & Discounts

You can access all information and resources related to benefits in the “Benefits & Pay” section of the site, which can be access from the main navigation.

For questions about benefits, you may contact the NESC at 1-800-248-4444 or visit My Ford Benefits. For specific topics, please use one of the email addresses below: 

It’s the Discount Marketplace available to U.S. employees, U.S. retirees and U.S. agency/contract personnel. Discounts ranging from electronics, travel and entertainment, as well as other products and services that are posted on the Ford Perkspot webpage. 

To access Ford Perkspot, you must have a login. Then, go to either the Employee Landing Page or the U.S. Retiree Landing Page.

  • Salaried employees and agency/contract personnel should use your normal CDS ID and password.

  • Hourly employees and retirees should use the same user ID and password that you’ve used if you have visited Employee Network.  

This shows how long the discount is in effect with the partner company.  Often, these discounts are renewed when they expire.  Expired discounts will not appear, so you can be assured that the discounts you are viewing are active.

Sometimes discounts have restrictions, such as being active only in a certain geographic area or requiring an active Ford e-mail address to redeem.  This column will make any such restrictions clear to you prior to trying to redeem it.

While the categories are fixed, you can show or hide all items within a category by clicking on the box to the left of the category.  You can also click on most column headers to sort the discounts by that field.

News & Commenting

Logged in visitors can access the Global Clipsheet via @FordOnline by navigating to the main menu dropdown item News & Media > Global Clipsheet.

If you have a story idea, please email Submitted ideas will be considered.

For articles in which commenting has been enabled, you can click the 'Comment' button to post a comment. Commenting is only made available to logged in visitors. While most articles will have commenting enabled, it is at the editorial team’s discretion as commenting may not be appropriate for all stories.

No. Our policy is to have commenters identified. We often respond directly to comments.

Your comment was flagged, either by another user or by the moderation engine, as inappropriate and requires review before it can be published.

Logged in visitors can like, share and bookmark most articles with some exceptions. For example, sharing is not available for blog posts. You can accessed any content you’ve bookmarked when logged in by navigating to your sign-in name on the top right of the screen and selecting My Bookmarks in the dropdown.

Blue Oval Connect is a curated online homepage where Ford Motor Company’s U.S. retirees can stay connected with company news about our products and our people. Click here to see the latest headlines and be sure to bookmark this site for the latest Ford Alumni news. No log-in is required. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to

Click here to see the latest headlines and be sure to bookmark this site for the latest Ford Alumni news. No log-in is required. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to

Standards and Policies

You can access company policies and directives information in the Company & Culture > Standards & Policies section of the site.

You may access them here: Home (

Report it promptly via SpeakUp at: Home (


When you came back to Ford to work through an agency after retirement, your CDSID was updated to identify you as an agency.  To regain your retiree information access, please contact the Corporate Help Desk.