Kansas City Assembly Plant Employee Rolls with That 70s Ride

Nov 16, 2022
Kansas City Assembly Plant Employee Rolls with That 70s Ride Click to Enlarge

Not only is being born in the 1970s something that Steve Ogle, an operator in the Truck Trim department of Kansas City Assembly Plant is proud of, he is also proud of his classic ride which was built during the same era. Ogle owns a 1971 Ford LTD that he has showered with dedication, mechanical attention, and an eye for personal detail.

During cold weather months, one might think the accelerator pedal would require several kicks to get things going for a car that age, but with Ogle providing extra mechanical attention to the carburetor it is not a concern. “I have no issues with it starting up,” says Ogle. “She starts up like a champ every single time.”

When asked what drew him to that particular model of Ford, Ogle says, “I just love everything that is 1970s stuff, so it really appealed to me, especially since it was a two-door. It’s the only style with the middle taillight. I was just telling my friends how while I was washing it, I was admiring the body and the lines of it. Frankly, it’s just sexy as hell.”

Ogle has owned the LTD for a couple of years now and recalls the day he drove over to Kansas to pick it up. “I saw an ad and I just had to have it,” he said. “I was glad that I got off work early that day so that I could pick it up because someone else was coming for it. I was so glad to get off work and grab it.”

Having done several things to the car himself such as installing high-performance sway bars to the front and rear, mounting LTD labeled center-caps on the 15x8 factory-style wheels, he leaves no feature overlooked. As for the car’s condition when he acquired it, Ogle says it was already in nice shape. “Someone took good care of it, and I plan on making it even better,” he said.

Being meticulous with his wheels is just something that comes naturally for Ogle. “I fixed the wiper-motor and the squirter, even the trunk light,” he said. “It has the Flo-master exhaust so you can really hear the rumble. I’m very particular about my Fords and want them to look authentic. I even went online and found the original knob for the cigarette lighter.”

Knowing the fine tuning and diligence he’s put into the car; Ogle feels makes ownership that much more valuable. “I turn all the wrenches on it, so I know I can take it anywhere,” he said. “I could even drive it to California if I wanted to, but since there’s no cruise control, my foot might get a little tired.”