It Was Time to Spread My Wings

Oct 20, 2022
It Was Time to Spread My Wings Click to Enlarge

Dominique Dorsey has been working for Ford Motor Company for nine years.  As a general utility on the motor line at Chicago Assembly Plant, she was always the go-to person. A few months ago, she walked down the aisle headed to the administration offices up front with her process coach, Kathy Parker.  She was excited, as she opened the door to Human Resources, handed them her resume and applied for a salaried position. Today, Dominique is a new process coach in the paint department.

“I chose to become a process coach to apply myself in a more challenging way,” said Dorsey. “I want to be able to help improve the process and contribute to closing the gap between hourly and salary. I am a leader, and I feel as if I have led as many people as I could on the motor line, and this position will allow me to lead many more.”

Dorsey didn’t just move into a new role, she also changed departments. Dorsey came from the chassis department, where vehicles go through the final assembly process. Upstream of chassis is the paint department, where units come in as shells waiting to go through many cycles and leave with one of the dynamic colors.  

“I am transitioning pretty well,” Dorsey shared. “Paint is different, but I am learning something new every day. It was tough to break away from the area and the people I was most comfortable with, but it was time to spread my wings.”

Although change can be uncomfortable, Dorsey uses it to fuel her. 

“Being taken out of my comfort zone is what excites me most about the position,” she said. “Being required to have difficult conversations will force me to grow as a person. Also figuring out solutions to problems daily will break up some of the monotony of working a single job, repeating the motions. I prefer to move around and do different things, which is why I chose to become a general utility. Being a process coach will keep my brain active and sharp.”

As she looks to the future, some of the goals she plans to achieve include commuting to work from her dream downtown loft and travelling to at least 10 other countries. She adds, “Within the next five years I plan to be a key player on whatever team and whatever department that I may be. I will have gained enough knowledge to contribute to improving quality and process here at Chicago Assembly Plant.” 

Are you interested in becoming a Process Coach? Apply today at using your personal email address. For additional questions, please reach out to your local HR department.