History in 3D at Michigan Central Station

Jun 06, 2024

Ford manufacturing, design, operation, and engineering experts Keith Farrell, Terry Pinkerton, Sheryl Rohrbacher Quan, and Dan Wyman, usually immersed in the meticulous creation of car components, directed their skills toward reviving the historic Michigan Central Station. These Ford artisans harnessed their high-tech, 3D printing capabilities to recreate the station's intricate stone and metal designs. This ambitious project united a talented team from Ford, blending their innovative spirit and technical tenacity to infuse new life into the Station, honoring its historic beauty with contemporary craftsmanship.

Team Ford does it all! From crafting car parts to restoring architectural icons, their versatility and expertise are now permanently displayed at Michigan Central Station.

Discover the collaborative journey behind this restoration, and witness the pride and fulfillment that permeate the hearts of these team members as they help resurrect a cherished landmark.