Boreham Motorworks Working with Ford Motor Company on Series of Modern Icons

Jun 24, 2024

U.K.-based Boreham Motorworks will design, manufacture and distribute continuations and reimagined versions of the iconic Ford road, race and rally cars such as the MK1 Escort and RS200. 

Some of Ford’s most iconic nameplates are getting new life as a limited-edition series of continued and reimagined versions, starting with the MK1 Escort and a modern interpretation of the famed Ford RS200.

U.K.-based Boreham Motorworks will design, manufacture and distribute the iconic Ford road, race and rally cars. The return of the RS200, one of the most revered rally cars of all-time, comes during the car’s 40th anniversary. This street-legal version will be an entirely new, ground-up build of the mid-engined driver’s car. The MK1 Escort will be continuation of the lightweight car introduced in the 1960s which was known for its advanced suspension setup and exceptional handing and agility on- and off-road. It will be shown to the public later this year. 

Boreham Motorworks, a division of DRVN Automotive Group, has signed a brand license agreement with Ford to produce the cars in the coming years. The deal comes as Ford Performance Motorsports is expanding its racing programs around the world, including Mustang’s recent return to Le Mans. 

“From the first time we met with Boreham Motorworks and the DRVN team, it was clear that they had an exciting vision for how to bring some of our most iconic historical nameplates to life for the modern era,” said Will Ford, general manager, Ford Performance Motorsports. “It will be exciting to see this relationship flourish and to see how Boreham Motorworks brings the vision to life at a time when there is so much passion from enthusiasts for great experiences.”