Introducing the Redesigned FordPass® App

May 24, 2024

We’re excited to officially introduce a newly redesigned FordPass® app! The FordPass team decided to approach the latest version of the app with fresh eyes, rebuilding the in-app experience from the ground up. Ford customers in North America who own an electric vehicle, hybrid or gas-powered vehicle will be able to more seamlessly manage their vehicle remotely. In addition to reducing the number of steps it takes to access function, here is what is new within the app experience.

Continuing to Enhance the Customer Experience

The redesigned FordPass® app provides a more efficient app performance and user-friendly experience for Ford owners. For example, improved navigation with the app reducing the number of steps it takes to access functions. Also, instead of having to hold down a button to the vehicle ‘on’, this is now a simplified slider. This is all a part of Ford's ongoing efforts to enhance the ownership experience. 

Electric vehicle owners: The latest version of FordPass® offers even deeper vehicle integration. Users will enjoy simplified sliders for target charge. F-150 Lightning owners will also be able to control the truck’s Remote Climate Control and windshield defrost, as well as heated seats and steering wheel (if equipped) directly from the app. Similar to the Remote Start feature, Remote Climate Control helps owners conveniently prepare their truck before getting in to drive.

Apple Watch: Owners will have enhanced functionality right at their fingertips thanks in part to the new seamless Apple Watch integration. Straight from their wrist, in addition to lock/unlock and remote start/stop, depending on the vehicle owners can also do the following:

  • All Vehicles:

o    Activate horn and lights remotely
o    View vehicle location

  • Gasoline Vehicles:

o    View fuel level and range

  • Hybrid Vehicles:

o    View fuel level, battery level and range
o    View total range of vehicle, battery and fuel combined

  • Electric Vehicles:

o    View battery level and range
o    View charging status including:

       -  Charging speed
        - Next departure time
        - Current preferred charging window

Congratulations to the cross-functional team of product designers, product manager and engineers who approached the app with fresh eyes, delivering an evolved experiences to customers.