Lone Star Electrification: City of Dallas Selects Ford Pro to Advance EV Charging Infrastructure

May 21, 2024

DALLAS, Texas – The City of Dallas—America’s fourth-largest metro area—selected Ford’s commercial division, Ford Pro™, to help move the City’s climate goals forward, aiming to improve air quality through electrifying the City’s vehicle fleet by 2040. 

Ford Pro and the City of Dallas entered a 10-year agreement to grow and manage EV charging infrastructure for the City’s fleet operations. As part of the agreement, the City of Dallas will install Ford Pro chargers at the City’s worksites and use Ford Pro smart charging software to customize and manage EV charging performance. Through the integrated software and hardware solution, Dallas can help ensure its fleet vehicles are charged optimally and ready for work when they need them.

EV adoption is on the rise with state and local government fleets, and we’re proud to provide smart charging software and hardware to help electrify one of the Lone Star State's biggest cities in one of America’s biggest metro areas.
Ted Cannis,
CEO, Ford Pro

“The impact software can have on EV charging can be substantial, helping public agencies like the City of Dallas not only manage charging infrastructure today, but help determine where chargers may be needed in the future,” said Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannis.

A Growing Public Sector Trend

Four million vehicles are operated by state and local governments in the U.S.1 The U.S. government has called for most federal vehicle purchases to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035,2 a trend which many state and local governments may be likely to mirror.

Ford Pro Charging already has hundreds of local government customers. There’s an increasing trend of state and local governments not only adding EVs to their fleets, but also seeking high-quality EV chargers and smart charging software to manage it effectively. This shift may be driven in part by rising fuel costs, potentially lower operational costs provided by EVs and a match of good use cases for how municipal agencies use EVs. 

A One-Stop Shop for Solutions

Ford Pro delivers an always-on, connected customer experience through a comprehensive suite of solutions including vehicles, charging, software, financing, and service for all commercial and government customers.

Ford is the leading global commercial vehicle brand and America’s best-selling line of commercial vehicles for 39 consecutive years,3 featuring BUILT FORD TOUGH® commercial trucks and vans integrated with Ford Pro software and services.

This includes America’s best-selling electric truck, F-150® Lightning®;4 America’s best-selling electric van, E-Transit™;5 America’s best-selling line of all-electric commercial vehicles, Class 1-7 trucks and vans;6 America’s best-selling commercial van, Transit®;7 and America’s best-selling trucks, F-Series, for 47 consecutive years.8

To learn more about the expanded suite of solutions from Ford Pro, visit FordPro.com.