Country Singer Lana Scott, Daughter of LAP Retiree Rob Scott, to Perform at Kentucky Oaks

May 03, 2024

“Being asked to sing at the Kentucky Oaks is a dream come true for me! I have been excitedly counting down the days.” Churchill Downs invited Lana Scott, daughter of Louisville Assembly Plant retiree Rob Scott, to sing the national anthem and a couple of her original songs at Oaks, the race held at the historic track the day before the Kentucky Derby. In 2022, Lana sang the national anthem at a Ford Day event at Churchill Downs; she is thrilled to return to perform to what is anticipated to be the largest in-person audience of her career thus far. “This will be my first Oaks experience – truly a bucket list item.”  

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Since the country music singer’s 2021 run on “The Voice,” she has achieved one dream after another with her father proudly in her corner, cheering her on. “I have certainly stayed busy: I moved to Nashville, married my best friend, built a music team I can count on, did my first nationwide tour, and am now gearing up to release my debut album on May 31 that I’ve poured my heart into!” 

As Lana’s career continues to take her to thrilling new heights, Rob Scott’s has also taken an exciting new turn: retirement. A steelworker who previously built ships, Rob joined Ford Motor Company in 1995 at Norfolk Assembly Plant, where he worked on the assembly line. Several years and a few moves later, Rob landed at Louisville Assembly Plant, where he returned to metalwork as a millwright. In April, he wrapped up his Ford career and retired after more than 29 years of service.  

Retirement, however, has not slowed Rob down. Instead, it provided an opportunity for him to blend his love of working with his hands and helping neighbors. “I’m currently converting a 23’ by 40’ section of my barn into a shop.” Robb will repair horse trailers, build structures – whatever the job might call for. He particularly likes that he can hop onto his horse, 10-year-old Durango, to ride over to a neighbor’s house.

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Rob, his wife Melanie, and Lana share a love of horses. Photos and memories throughout Lana’s childhood and even recent history feature trails and talks. “Horses always remind me of my dad,” Lana shares. Recently, Rob and Lana introduced Lana’s husband to horse culture; he took to it with impressive ease. “My dad was so excited and proud! A sweet moment, indeed.”

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Stories like this offer glimpses into their special father-daughter bond. A shared favorite memory from Lana’s time on “The Voice” brings their relationship into sharp focus. During the show’s “Dedication Week,” Lana chose to sing “Humble & Kind” in honor of her father. Rob explains, his voice filled with pride, “I had dedicated this song to her when she was younger; it meant so much to me that she remembered.” 

The Scotts also remember the outpouring of support they received from UAW-Ford team members as she competed. These days, Rob continues to keep his Ford Family aware of Lana’s tour schedule. “When she is in town or performing nearby, I reach out to my friends – including a few I worked with at LAP – to grab dinner and catch the show.”

That connection to LAP will continue in another way when Lana returns to Louisville for Oaks: Rob will be turning over the keys to his gray 2011 Escape, a vehicle built by his former coworkers. “We’re a Ford Family, and Lana usually borrows my car when she’s in town.” Having always wanted an Escape and needing to replace her current vehicle, Lana says, “I’m over the moon!” 

Receiving her dad’s Ford – which he drove to and from work – will remind Lana of Rob’s appreciation for the company. “My dad always expressed gratitude, more than anything, when he spoke about Ford. He took pride in his work and told me many times that when he walked in every day, he looked up and thanked God for his career. Having that example of my parent loving what he did for a living instilled in me that a job can be something you love, not just something you do.”

Rob may no longer walk into Louisville Assembly Plant, but his deeply rooted connection to Ford remains strong. “Deciding to join Ford and stay with it was one of the best decisions of my life.”