The 17th Ford Schools National Sports Tournament: Promoting sports and values

May 08, 2024

The National Sports Tournament was created by the Ford Civic Committee and its dealers as a distinguishing program for Ford Schools. It encourages thousands of students to recognize values such as fair play, healthy competition and responsibility. In the 17th edition, 384 children between 10 and 11 years old from 16 different states of the country participated, all of them super-fans of soccer and basketball.

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"Seeing you here, willing to give your all in every game on the court, makes me feel proud and confident that each of you will help us create a better future. Thank you for being the best teachers for us, by showing us that doing everything in our lives with passion and pure enthusiasm is the best recipe for being champions," said Luz Elena del Castillo, President and CEO of Ford of Mexico and PRCCA.


Here are the winning schools in each category:

Men's Football

  1. Ford School 126, Zacatecas
  2. Ford 74 School, Tamaulipas
  3. Ford School 52 Chiapas

Women's Basketball

1. Ford 98 School, Oaxaca

2. Ford 95 School, Durango

3. Ford 74 School, Tamaulipas.

Supporting sport helps us to generate the comprehensive development of children as well as contributing to their physical development, the prevention of diseases and the improvement of their cardiovascular health. Let's continue building a better world!