Taking care of Mexico and the World!

Apr 22, 2024

Earth Month is the perfect opportunity to remember the importance of natural resources and the efforts being made to preserve them. Ford is committed to maintain its position as a leader by reducing its water consumption, waste management, and creating sustainability strategies for its communities.

Achievements in Mexico in water consumption

Ford plants worldwide are implementing water usage and recycling processes. An outstanding example is the Chihuahua Engine Site, where 6,368 m3 of wastewater is received and treated monthly. This treatment produces 4,416 m3 of clean water through osmosis, which is used in some processes within the plant, for example, watering green areas.

In addition, Chihuahua has adopted measures to reduce costs related to water consumption, leading to significant savings by using treated water instead of potable water. This approach has saved over $36,000 USD monthly.

Since 2021, the Irapuato plant has achieved a reduction of 4,813 m3 of water. The Cuautitlan plant recycles 300 liters of water daily, equivalent to 106,000 m3 per year. Finally, in January 2024, the Hermosillo Plant received the Best in Ford recognition for water consumption efficiency among Vehicle Operations plants.