TBT: Celebrate Pi Day With One of These Pie Recipes!

Mar 14, 2024

Body: This space is most often reserved for product and company highlights spanning the past century-plus of company history, but in honor of Pi Day, we’re doing something different. If you're not familiar, Pi Day – celebrated globally each March 14, or 3-14 – recognizes the famed mathematical symbol that represents approximately 3.14159. Originally celebrated by Larry Shaw, an employee of San Francisco’s Exploratorium, Pi Day caught on and was designated by UNESCO as the International Day of Mathematics in 2019.

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When it comes to actual food pies, Ford Motor Company has multiple connections above and beyond the namesake graphs used to display various data. Founder Henry Ford was known to include apple pie with soybean sauce in his all-soy dinner menu for guests. For another example, former subsidiary Philco-Ford once produced home appliances, like ranges and ovens, as well as the refrigerators that would be used to store the leftovers.

But the most obvious crossover between the dessert food and the automaker comes from the nearly 200 different pie recipes that appeared in the pages of the Ford Times, a lifestyle and travel magazine published from 1908 through 1993. It was distributed by Ford Dealers and claimed the largest circulation of any magazine in the world during the mid-1970s.  

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Many varieties of pies both savory and sweet, including several takes on pecan pie, were shared in the Ford Times’ recurring “Favorite Recipes of Famous Taverns” feature, which launched in 1946 as the magazine highlighted the recipes of more than 3,000 restaurants around the U.S. Those recipes were compiled into a series of cookbooks, including full-color photos or illustrations of their respective restaurants, beginning in 1950. The books sold over a million copies, some of which are still available online for resale, in nearly 30 years of publication.  

Do try this at home 

We encourage you to try making any one of these recipes and report back on the results. Also, you can see recipes and more in the coming weeks as nearly 20 years’ worth of Ford Times issues are added to the Ford Heritage Vault. Click here to visit.

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