DRIVE Season 2: Revisit your favorite episodes!

Mar 22, 2024

Ford CEO Jim Farley’s DRIVE podcast sets out to explore the connection people have with their cars, and how it intersects with the motivations that have driven them toward success. The second season drew its guest list from a wide spectrum of public life from science to showbusiness, and went deep on the pasts, presents, and futures of its interview subjects.

Which episode most impacted you? Revisit the season below, from Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s family Ford connections to Matthew McConaughey’s supreme storytelling. Thanks for listening!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: CNN’s chief medical correspondent talks about his mother’s connection to Ford and the power of finding your calling.

Kelly Clarkson: The American Idol winner and talk show host discussed her first job and her love for her Ford F-250. 

Neil deGrasse Tyson: What do the automotive industry and astrophysics have in common? Find out from one of STEM’s most vociferous and popular advocates.

Dee Bryant: If anyone knows the importance of connection with a car, it’s a stunt driver who puts her life on the line behind the wheel to make movie magic. Dee Bryant offers up her unique perspective on her journey from street racer to stunt performer.

Sydney Sweeney: One of Hollywood’s rising stars talks about her deep connection with cars and how a pandemic-era automotive project brought that passion to a wide audience.

Forrest Jones: The popular social media influencer and car enthusiast dives deep on his love of the driving experience and the future of automotive technology.

Luke Russert: After losing his father, journalist Luke Russert hit the open road to find himself. Listen as he relates that experience and what fueled his journey.

Jimmy Fallon: He’s funny. He’s famous. And he’s a Ford truck fan. The SNL alum and Tonight Show host chats while taking a ride around Ford HQ with Jim Farley.

Bill Ford: Ford’s executive chair stops by to discuss leadership in a transforming industry and the passion he and Jim Farley share for the company.

Matthew McConaughey: He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest names, but his gift for storytelling stretches back to family dinners in his Texas home. Hear about the star’s automotive roots and unlikely journey to stardom.