What they’re saying | 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Mar 14, 2024

As first impressions go, the team that created the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus would have been hard-pressed to expect more from the vehicle’s full-width 48-inch digital screen.

Members of the media took their first seat behind the wheel – and the attention-grabbing digital screen – during a media drive that used the winding roads around Palm Springs, California, this week to highlight the midsize SUVs handling and power. While the luxurious interior drew praise and updated exterior design earned kudos, it was the panoramic display that captured the most applause.

Here are some of the media’s initial reactions after putting Nautilus through its paces.


“The Nautilus's exterior design is more sculptural than before, with door handles integrating into the beltline rather than interrupting the gently waved surfaces below, but the interior really highlights Lincoln's newfound eye for the small stuff.” – Drew Dorian / Car and Driver

“While the exterior is suitably attractive, the interior is downright stunning. The biggest attention-getter is the 48-inch curved panoramic display that spans the entire length of the dashboard. It's the type of design element expected of a concept or prohibitively expensive luxury vehicle, not a production SUV starting in the low $50,000 range. Even better, it works.” – Mark Takahashi / Autoblog

“The Nautilus’ exterior styling is great, but it’s the interior that really knocks things out of the park, with a few small exceptions. First, the almost obscenely adjustable seats in my Black Label test vehicle are incredibly comfortable. These are aesthetically and functionally very similar to those found in the Navigator, and they’re gorgeous. Next is Lincoln’s huge wraparound dash screen. It's one of the best integrations of this kind of screen and works well as both instrument cluster and information screen.” – Kyle Hyatt / Ars Technica

“I expected the (48-inch) display to be a distraction, but the project manager for the Nautilus’ infotainment explained it’s actually designed to be the opposite, keeping drivers’ eyes on the horizon rather than down on a dash tablet.” – Maddox Kay / The Drive

“I was skeptical when I saw the big screen at the launch event. Advanced tech innovations like this in cars tend to be flashy and performative rather than helpful to drivers. But Lincoln’s screen works. It felt like the future, without feeling too alien, and resolved some significant issues with touchscreens. And I now want one in every car.” – Tyler Duffy / Gear Patrol


“The only drawback was clunky, inconsistent brake feel early in my drive — a glitch related to cold brakes that Lincoln engineers are working on. It wasn’t dangerous but made smooth stops difficult until the brakes warmed up. – Mark Phelan / Detroit Free Press

“The one area where the vehicle disrupts your zen is braking. There's a bit of dead travel and then a pronounced bite.” – Alisa Priddle / Motortrend

“Some drivers might not appreciate that the steering wheel can't be adjusted too high and that it's a rounded oval.” – Jay Wright / Car Buzz

What You Said

"Exploring the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus at the Palm Springs media event was a truly immersive experience, from the enchanting digital scents of the Mystic Forest to the futuristic panoramic screen display. It's clear that vehicles like the Nautilus are not just a mode of transportation, but a gateway to the future of digital experiences inside a vehicle. Participating in this cutting-edge event showcased how Lincoln is setting a new standard in automotive innovation, paving the way for unparalleled driving experiences that seamlessly blend technology and luxury." - Lauren Taykowski (Haynes), PMO Manager, Global Experience Design