Ford-Backed Group Calls for Stronger Heavy Duty Pollution Standards

Feb 06, 2024

Ford is doing its part to help protect the environment in demanding more stringent standards for greenhouse gases emitted by heavy duty commercial vehicles. A group of industry leaders to which Ford belongs has called for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to finalize new greenhouse gas standards for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The alliance, called the Heavy-duty Leadership Group, also includes BorgWarner, Cummins and Eaton, among other companies.

WASHINGTON (February 6, 2024)  - Today, an alliance of the country’s biggest names in truck manufacturing and supply, the Heavy-duty Leadership Group, released a joint “Statement of Principles” calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to finalize a rule by March 31 to implement new greenhouse gas standards for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The Heavy-duty Leadership Group companies, which include BorgWarner, Cummins, Eaton and Ford, called for no delay in EPA’s planned 2027 model year start date, rejecting earlier proposals to delay the start of the EPA rule until the 2030 model year.

Ford is committed to achieving carbon neutrality no later than 2050 – and in Europe no later than 2035 – across Scope 1, 2 and 3, focusing on three areas that account for approximately 95% of our carbon emissions: our vehicles, operations and supply chain.

“We’re proud to join the call for clear and consistent greenhouse gas emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles, said Cynthia Williams, Ford’s global director, sustainability, homologation and compliance. “Our industry is making important progress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in both light- and heavy-duty vehicles. We also need policymakers to pair emission standards with incentives and public investment so that we can continue to deliver on the next generation of vehicles and for our nation to lead the future of this industry.”

The Heavy-duty Leadership Group companies also emphasized the need for regulatory certainty and clear market signals, opposing a so-called “hard-wired off ramp” under which the EPA standards automatically would end or be weakened if certain infrastructure metrics were not achieved. The companies instead urged the EPA to conduct an ongoing EPA “technical assessment” of infrastructure development, battery costs, rare minerals sourcing and other critical issues.

49% by 2027.

Originally formed in 2010, The Heavy-duty Leadership Group is an informal alliance of the nation’s leading heavy-duty manufacturers and supply companies that provide solutions for the historic improvements in national greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty engines and vehicles.

Building on the success of Phase 1 and 2 standards, these companies stand ready to put more efficient technology on the road to meet the standards currently in development. Especially electrification infrastructure that is essential to the widespread adoption of pollution-free technologies.

Phase 3 national heavy-duty efficiency and emissions standards apply to vehicles ranging from pickup trucks to big-rig tractors, including 18-wheelers, sanitation trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. The standards would complement the criteria pollutant standards for model year 2027 and beyond heavy-duty vehicles that the EPA finalized in December 2022. According to the EPA, the projected net benefits of the heavy-duty proposal range from $180 billion to $320 billion.

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