Let It Snow – Ford Pro Charges Up Canadian Company

Feb 21, 2024

Canadian company Fize Electrique has a fleet of Ford electric vehicles that shrug off the cold Canadian winter thanks to Ford Pro E-Telematics.

Using Ford Pro E-Telematics, we’re able to track our range and efficiency at any moment, and even in the winter, our E-Transit vans have plenty of capability to meet our needs.
Alain Fiset
director of Smart Energy, Fize Electrique

The electrical contractor based near Quebec City began switching to electric vehicles in 2018, and now runs a fleet that includes seven E-Transit vans, an F-150 Lightning and a Mustang Mach-E. Alain Fiset, director of Smart Energy for Fize Electrique uses the data an analytics provided by Ford Pro E-Telematics to help his zero-emissions fleet thrive. "We put about 25,000 kilometres on our vans each year, or about 100 kilometres a day on average. For the work we do every day, the Ford E-Transit is a perfect mix of capability and efficiency,” he said. 

Ford Pro E-Telematics is the Unlock

Fiset has used Ford Pro E-Telematics to track real-time range and charge status for his fleet, calculate range averages by vehicle throughout the year, remotely precondition vehicles, and seamlessly reimburse employees for home charging costs. Ford Pro E-Telematics is specially designed for commercial customers and includes all Ford Pro Telematics capabilities plus EV-specific features. 

Every Ford EV comes with a trial subscription to Ford Pro E-Telematics, meaning commercial customers can manage all aspects of their fleet from the convenience of a smartphone or laptop, no matter where they are.  

Enabling Efficient Habits

Achieving the level of efficiency Fiset and his team have didn’t happen by chance. It required research on available vehicles and services before transitioning the company fleet, as well as training employees in good EV practices. That meant taking telematics data and training employees to maximize vehicle efficiency, including vehicle preconditioning and responsible driving habits.

Ford Pro EVs + Data = Win

By going fully electric with their fleet, Fize Electrique is part of the growing Canadian EV market, one in which Ford full-year battery electric vehicle sales were up 30 percent in 2023 compared to 2022.

Fiset and his crew are a prime example of how customers are utilizing Ford Pro vehicles and services to accelerate their business productivity, one vehicle – and the wealth of data it generates – at a time.