With 53 Years of Service, Don Bish is Most Senior Buffalo Stamping Team Member

Jul 11, 2023
don bish and horse Click to Enlarge

For 120 years, Ford Motor Company has been a symbol of success, innovation, and resilience in the country. It has adapted to the changing times and emerged stronger each time. And at the heart of Buffalo Stamping Plant’s own journey is BSP’s highest senior team member, Don Bish.  

Bish began his journey at Buffalo Stamping Plant as a production worker. He was assigned to a welding gunline where sparks flew, and men worked side by side. Over the years, Bish took on various roles, adapting and growing with the company. He became a temporary salvage man, line side material handler and even a plantwide material delivery driver. And today, after 53 years of dedication to Ford, Bish serves as a fork driver on midnight shift. 

However, Bish's life has not been only about work. Music flows through his veins, thanks to his father's influence. When Bish was only nine, his father, Blair Bish, gave him his first guitar that resulted in a lifelong passion for music. Bish played in several bands throughout the years, and although he no longer performs on stage, he cherishes the joy of playing with friends, strumming his beloved bass guitar. 

Love has also played its part in Bish’s life. When he married his wife, Mary “Meme,” 43 years ago, they both knew that horses would be an integral part of their lives. Her deep affection for those majestic creatures had infected him, and together, they embarked on a journey that connected them to nature and to each other. Their son, daughter and two grandchildren were also drawn to the world of horses, creating bonds that went beyond bloodlines. 

Ford Motor Company continues its legacy, marking 120 years as a successful American company. And Bish will forever be etched in its history as a shining example of dedication and the human spirit. His 53 years of service is evidence of the commitment he has made to the company, the friendships he has forged and the pride he has felt in being a part of something great.  

I’ve been at Ford a long time where I’ve met a lot of good friends. And I wish the best to all and to Buffalo Stamping plant.
Don Bish