Accomplished and Admired - Director of Manufacturing Shaun Whitehead Recognized for Leadership

May 19, 2023
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According to professional women’s alliance Inforum, Shaun Whitehead, Ford Motor Company director of manufacturing, vehicle operations, is one of 15 Southeast Michigan’s Most Accomplished and Admired Women.

“I am humbled and honored to be recognized among this incredible group of women who serve in a variety of powerful and influential positions and who are truly making a difference in the world,” Whitehead remarked.

The recognition came at Inforum’s annual Inner Circle Awards, which enables women to share practical knowledge, inspire leadership in others and widen their professional networks.

As part of her Inner Circle discussions, Shaun urged attendees to lean into sponsorship. “A sponsor is someone within your network who understands your unique talents and skills and advocates for you,” she said. “I believe everyone can benefit from this kind of professional relationship.”

Shaun’s best advice, “Recognize that leadership is one of the greatest gifts, requiring both skill and a servant leader mindset. To help get there, I recommend reading How Women Rise… a powerful testimony on how women can modify their behaviors to achieve the most in their careers.” No stranger to servant leadership, Shaun has been active in the Ford Employee Resource Group, Women of Ford Manufacturing, since 2000.

Inforum, with more than 1,800 members across Michigan, was drawn to Shaun’s extensive manufacturing experience. Her career includes turns as manufacturing director for Dearborn Truck Plant, Kansas City Truck and Transit Plants, Michigan Assembly Plant and Dearborn Consolidated including Dearborn Stamping. She has also served as Ford Motor Company’s director of manufacturing, Transmission; Global Director of Occupational Health & Safety; and President of Batavia Transmissions LLC; as well as former manager of seven facilities.

“This event left me feeling energized about the future for Ford and the larger community. We, as women, have such tremendous opportunities both in our careers and within in the community to do great things.”