Career Investment – DSP Employee Shares Journey from Hourly to Process Coach

May 12, 2023
Brandon Cobb Click to Enlarge

Brandon Cobb was ready to take the next step in his career when he applied for a process coach position, a position that Cobb believes opens doors for career growth at Ford.  

“Investing in my career with Ford is one of my top priorities,” said Cobb. For those looking to advance their career – to team leader, skilled trades, emergency response team, process coach – Ford offers hands-on and in-depth training to prepare employees for the next step.  

Cobb, a Port Huron resident, came to Ford with intentions to further his career when he started as an hourly employee in assembly at Dearborn Stamping-East back in 2018. For the last five years, Cobb worked on the press floor there. Today, Cobb works as a process coach on A-crew assembly at Dearborn Stamping-West. 

Cobb stays informed about Ford by utilizing different informational platforms. “I enjoy learning as much as I can about the company,” he said. Employees should look to the app BlueOvalNow and the new website dedicated to the U.S. Ford manufacturing team to stay up to date on the latest: Ford | Built Ford Proud.  

He was on the lookout for opportunities within the company when he saw the listing for the position on one of the plant monitors. The last 5 years Cobb spent at Dearborn Stamping taught him valuable information and prepared him for the next step in his career. He knew then it was his opportunity for growth. 

He submitted his resume and cover letter to the Labor Relations office and soon after became a full–fledged process coach. 

The effort I am able to put into my career is what motivates me every day. I firmly believe with hard work and an open mind you will end up where you are meant to be.
Brandon Cobb

As a process coach his workdays start at 5:30 a.m with paperwork verifications for his line and 6 a.m production starts. “From there, I try to support my people in any way I can.”  

He looks forward to continuing to build relationships with his team, knowing every person on and off the line has an important role in delivering the Ford+ strategy.  

“To take a job of this nature is to take responsibility for everything in your area,” he said. “I feel as if my actions have an effect on the company and the people around me.” 

In 2022, more than 100 hourly employees were promoted to salary positions like process coach. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a process coach, visit the new online conversion hub at

“Investing in my career means a lot to me,” said Cobb. “It secures a future for my wife and me. It fuels my hobbies and gives me a sense of purpose.”