Newsweek Awards Ford for Range in Truck Lineup, Customer-Friendly Tech Features

Nov 08, 2023

Ford’s wide-ranging truck lineup and the smart technology we’re creating to make customers’ lives – and their livelihoods – easier and more enjoyable have earned Ford recognition from Newsweek. The publication recently announced its 2023 Auto Awards, with Ford earning the Brand Award for Best Truck Lineup, while Ford’s Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch, as well as Ford Pro Intelligence were also honored as Editor’s Picks in the Best Technology category. 

Newsweek’s Brand Awards, which also included car and SUV lineups and other awards, recognize brands for excellence across their lineup. Ford’s truck lineup was praised for having something from everyone, from the Maverick all the way to F-Series Super Duty. Editors also noted option packages that add off-road capability and additional technology, as well as connected vehicle systems that improve the ownership experience.

Newsweek’s editorial team hand-picked Ford’s technologies after spending significant time behind the wheel. Ford’s Onboard Scales, available on F-Series pickups, calculates the weight of cargo in the bed, while Smart Hitch guides owners to proper hitching. Ford Pro Intelligence, Ford’s fleet management software, tracks vehicle data to help businesses operate smoothly and efficiently.

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