How Ford Created an Ecological Wonder at Almussafes Plant in Valencia

Nov 07, 2023

VALENCIA, Spain – Ford’s Almussafes plant in Valencia is one of the most technically advanced production facilities in the world, but a lesser-known fact is it also boasts a natural lagoon that is home to more than 50 species of animals.

According to the biologist and infrastructure supervisor José Vicente Martín: “It is incredible to see inside the factory these 32,000 square meters of naturalized water inhabited by a multitude of birds, such as porrones, ducks or flamingos that visit us at this time with the end of summer.”

The lagoon contains purified water that comes directly from plant, and its beaches are kept in pristine condition by Ford volunteers.

In this video, journalist and environmental and meteorological expert, Irene del Rio, takes a tour of the lagoon and looks at some of the other sustainability initiatives underway at the facility, including the recently opened solar plant that has 10,000 panels which provide much of the facility’s electricity.

Dionisio Campos, Manufacturing Director of Ford Spain explains: “About two years ago we embarked on this project. Previously we bought energy of origin with green certificate, but we tried to become protagonists and support ourselves our production process.”