Ford Schools students in México take their knowledge to the next level

Nov 15, 2023

Five talented Mexican students from Ford Schools have demonstrated that excellence, focus, and collaboration are also essential pillars in education, having won first place in the recent edition of the Children's Knowledge Olympics in México. This challenge measures the general knowledge and skills of elementary school students from all around the country.The Ford School students, all from different parts of México, have stood out in a competition in which thousands of students from public and private schools try to put their schools at the top.

About the Children’s Knowledge Olympics

The Children’s Knowledge Olympics is a project created in 1961 by the Ministry of Public Education. The main objective of the program is to promote and reward academic excellence, evaluating all the knowledge, competencies, and skills acquired by all 6th-grade students in elementary schools around the country. 

This year’s Ford School participants were Ximena Julieta Beltrán, Juan Carlos Pio, and Arantza Monroy, from Ford Schools #77, #53 and #201 in the State of México, Juan Antonio Elizondo from Ford School #31 in Sinaloa, and Brenda Elizabeth González from Ford School #92 in Tampico. To recognize their effort and commitment, the Ford Civic Committee and its Dealers rewarded the students with a school kit and a laptop to help them continue their education pathway. 

Behind each of the winning students, there are teachers who have prepared themselves arduously to share their knowledge with their students. Before the start of this new school year, the 7th National Ford Schools Congress was held, bringing together more than 200 head teachers, teachers, and supervisors from the 193 Ford Schools throughout the country to address critical issues that shape actual education and Mexican society.

During the congress, tools and strategies were shared to allow teachers to provide quality education in a safe environment, emphasizing social-emotional education to reduce school dropout rates. Today's excellence is the promise of a better future, which is the reason the Ford Civic Committee and its Dealers seek to provide support and necessary tools to all Ford Schools they have built and donated throughout the country with the aim that more than 80,000 children can become tomorrow's leaders.