Ford Customer Charges to e-Scooter Success With F-150 Lightning

Nov 21, 2023

Max Rastelli runs HFX e-Scooters in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s a business he started in 2019, extending his commitment to alternative mobility solutions to the city. 

A longtime Ford F-150® owner, Rastelli was excited when Ford introduced its electric F-150 Lightning® in 2021 and immediately placed a deposit. Rastelli had always been interested in owning an EV, but he needed it to be a truck that could support his business and lifestyle.

The Ford F-150 Lightning as a Business Accelerator

Rastelli took delivery of his F-150 Lightning in October 2022, excited to show Halifax residents that not only were his scooters electric, but his truck was also. What started as a way to showcase electric mobility quickly turned into a business accelerator.

When Rastelli started HFX e-Scooters, he hauled scooters to a central hub in Halifax to charge them, which meant a lot of driving – and a lot of downtime. In 2021, he introduced swappable, rechargeable batteries to his e-Scooters, which helped to eliminate some of the downtime, though the batteries still needed to be charged every day at the central hub, which did not have enough power to charge all of the batteries at once.

But with F-150 Lightning and its available 9.6kW of Pro Power Onboard exportable power, Rastelli realized that he could charge multiple batteries at the same time, right in his new truck while he drives.

This meant his business was no longer tied to a central charging hub, and he was able to consistently keep batteries charging for more efficient swaps with near-zero e-Scooter downtime.

That’s Ford+ in action – delivering distinctive products, solutions, and ever improving user experiences both for Rastelli and his customers.

Expanding the F-150 Lightning Family

F-150 Lightning improved his productivity and efficiency so much he bought a second truck in June 2023.

“It became immediately clear to me that the F-150 Lightning could boost my business productivity as a mobile battery charging station through the use of Pro Power Onboard,” Rastelli said. “Thanks in part to these trucks, I’ve been able to double the number of e-Scooters on my fleet, with near-zero downtime related to charging, making my business twice as efficient. And it doesn’t hurt that this truck is a lot of fun to drive, with its low center of gravity and smooth ride.”

Pro Power Onboard is available on select vehicles. Features may vary based on model year, trim, options, packages, and supply availability. Use the Build and Price tool to view feature availability on current models. If you have questions or need more information, reference your Owner’s Manual or contact your Ford Dealer. Pro Power Onboard with 9.6kW available with some trim levels of vehicles equipped with Pro Power Onboard.