‘The Dealers are the Face of the Customer’

Nov 14, 2023

PARIS, France – Ford Chief Dealer Engagement Officer Elena Ford explains why dealers are key to Ford’s success in this exclusive interview filmed in France recently.

Elena also talks about motivation, the benefits of mentoring, the need to focus more on quality, and the importance of striking a healthy work/life balance.

“What motivates me every day at Ford is really the products and the services that we produce and sell,” she explains. “And then it is the work that we do with our dealers. The dealers are the face of the customer, and they are a really integral part of everything we do every day.”

Elena adds: “My life is Ford and I love what we do as a company. I’m not the role model for work/life balance, but I really think it is very important for people to have work/life balance and for the team to always make sure they spend time with their families or their children or their significant others.”