IN A FLASH: New F-150 Lightning Variant Shows Ford’s Commitment to EVs, Customers

Oct 03, 2023

Ford’s strategy to deliver on the things customers want most and reduce development costs has yielded another new F-150 Lightning variant – Flash. The all-new trim series was developed based on customer feedback, combining the tech and capabilities our customers were requesting at an affordable price point. 

F-150 Lightning Flash will be assembled at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center (REVC), where new tooling there reflects the company’s push for quality. The new equipment, its first use in a Ford plant in North America, automatically measures and validates exterior body fit for precision in margin and flushness. Also, a third station has been added to validate wheel alignment and headlamp aim for driver-assist technology.

REVC recently underwent an expansion – the building was expanded to 875,000 square feet from 505,000 square feet – to accommodate an increase in production capacity. The annual run rate of the F-150 Lightning will triple to 150,000 units. 

A new tech-forward model

The F-150 Lightning Flash expands on the XLT model line by adding in-demand tech capabilities, including an extended-range battery, which has a targeted EPA-estimated range of 320 miles, available Ford BlueCruise hands-free highway driving, and a standard 15.5-inch touchscreen for seamless interactions and navigation. The F-150 Lightning Flash customer values an EV powertrain and advanced tech features paired with a more accessible price point and the F-150’s proven ability to handle anything- whether it’s people, pets, or gear.

This truck combines many of the technology-forward features our customers love in our EV lineup, at a more accessible price. The Lightning Flash is another example of the speed at which we are adapting to grow our EV business.
Marin Gjaja
Chief Operating Officer, Ford Model e

Our available hands-free highway driving technology, Ford BlueCruise, can help make driving less stressful and more enjoyable. The F-150 Lightning Flash comes with version 1.2 – which includes Lane Change Assist, allowing the driver to change lanes hands-free by tapping the turn signal once the path is clear, and In-Lane Repositioning to help to keep the vehicle in its lane while subtly shifting position away from vehicles in adjacent lanes. It will also improve over time with software updates. And, with a new flexible option, customers can choose to activate BlueCruise at any point during their vehicle ownership journey – at purchase, annually or even monthly – and use it when they need it. Customers can also try BlueCruise for 90 days from vehicle purchase during a complimentary trial.


F-150 Lightning drivers can access the BlueOval Charge Network, North America's largest public charging network with over 84,000 chargers. Starting early 2024, F-150 Lightning drivers also will have access to more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers, making it the largest integrated fast-charge network across the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, Ford EV dealers are also adding public-facing fast-chargers and locations to the BlueOval Charge Network.

Charging a vehicle at home is as simple as charging a phone. F-150 Lightning owners can charge overnight with the available Ford Mobile Charger on a 240V wall outlet. To maximize home charging speed and connected features at home, they can purchase the Ford Charge Station Pro and its on-demand 80 amps of power.

Ford F-150 Lightning Flash reflects Ford’s commitment to making EVs more accessible, in part by reducing complexity. And it’s also an example of how we’re using innovative new tools to improve quality. Online orders at open in early 2024. For more on the F-150 Lightning, click here.