Charge Assist Makes it Easier to Juice Up

Oct 25, 2023

Do you ever spend time anxiously searching for an EV charger? And if you find one, how do you know it will even work with your vehicle? Now, with Charge Assist, soon to be known as Public Charging, you will be able to search for and start a public charging session on the BlueOval® Charge Network right from your vehicle’s touchscreen. The best part? You now have the option to use either the vehicle’s touchscreen or the FordPass App on your phone to charge your car and complete a payment. This is especially helpful if you need to lend your car to a friend or family member.

Find the Right Charger in the Right Place

You will be able to filter charging stations by charging speed and network. Public Charing will provide a more seamless way to receive real-time information on new chargers, like availability and those in-repair, all from inside your vehicle.

Just as before, you can still use the FordPass App – but now there are more choices and increased convenience for how you charge.