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Our Commitment

Ford employees stand at computer station in Ford facility

We are proud to be America's No. 1 employer of hourly autoworkers, with more than 57,000 UAW-represented hourly employees.

We build more vehicles in America than any other automaker. We are also working to build a culture of excellence, focus and collaboration – creating workplaces where innovation is valued and employees can build their careers.

Employees smile in group

We have converted more than 14,100 UAW-represented workers from temporary to full-time permanent roles during the past four years -- most of them ahead of schedule.

We have also made all new hourly employees eligible for health care benefits from their first day on the job effective June 13, 2022.

Ford employee volunteers and hands out bags

In June 2022, we launched a $1 billion five-year plan to upgrade plant facilities and improve the workplace experience for our plant teams.

Hot meals are available at all U.S. plants during all production shifts five days a week, either through cafeterias, micro-markets, food trucks or mobile ordering.

Hydration stations will be installed by October 2023 to provide access to adequate hydration with 400 ft of each employee.

Ford is refurbishing restrooms in all of its plant facilities. By the end of 2025, more than 1,100 restrooms will be refurbished.

Ford family

Family Open Houses are back this summer, with food, fun, and a chance for employees to show off their plant to their loved ones.

Plant leadership will share more information about each plant’s Family Open House.