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Facts & Figures

No. 1 Employer

of UAW-represented autoworkers


of our F-Series trucks are assembled in the U.S.

Nearly 80%

of all of our vehicles we sell in America are assembled in the U.S.


U.S. auto exporter


Ford is proud to be the No. 1 employer of UAW-represented autoworkers with more than 57,000 hourly workers.

We want employees to share in the company’s success. We do that by rewarding hard work and dedication with top-notch benefits, competitive pay and long careers.

  • Ford UAW-represented employees average $29.58 per hour in wages alone
  • When benefits and other bonuses are added, they average $64 per hour, or about $112,000 per year

By the end of the current contract, 80% of all Ford’s UAW-represented hourly employees will be at the top wage rate, earning higher wages than 90% of all hourly employees in the U.S. auto industry.

Source: Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Building in America is important to Ford.

Ford exceeded its 2019 contract commitment to invest $6 billion in its U.S. manufacturing facilities and to create or retain 8,500 jobs, investing more than $7.4 billion in UAW-represented facilities and creating and retaining nearly 14,100 union jobs.

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