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Ford Provides Update on UAW Contract Talks

Ford issued the following statement on September 29, 2023

Ford today shared an update on its negotiations with the UAW. The bottom line, from the company’s perspective:

  • Ford has offered a contract that would change the lives of its 57,000 workers.
  • The UAW is holding up the deal over battery plants that will not come online for another two to three years.
  • There is still time reach an agreement and avert disaster – but not much time given the fragile supply base.

“If the UAW’s goal is a record contract, they have already achieved this,” said Ford President and CEO Jim Farley. “It is grossly irresponsible to escalate these strikes and hurt thousands of families.”

Before the strike – on Sept. 12 – Ford made an offer that would mean substantial wins for its workers, including wage increases of more than 20%, traditional Cost of Living Allowances, health care coverage that is in the top 1% for all Americans, eliminating wage tiers, boosting strong retirement contributions, granting more time off and more. The company has continued to negotiate and improve its offer since Sept. 12.

The billions in costs the UAW leadership is demanding – beyond the billions Ford has offered – would have devastating implications for Ford’s business and the company’s ability to protect good-paying union jobs going forward.

Ford has invested more in UAW-represented employees than any other automaker, standing alone in adding UAW jobs since the Great Recession and exceeding its investment and job commitments for three consecutive UAW contracts.

For more details, view the briefing materials below.