New Programs Update May 2017

(left to right) Mike Endres, Bryan Dessauer, Matt Pennington, Ken Maybury, John Stoy

As the building and facilities upgrades near completion, new equipment arrival will begin to pick up pace. A big thanks to everyone who has continued to support this significant transition for the Sharonville Plant.

Sharonville has major challenges looking ahead with the launches of 8F57, 10R80 and 10R140 components and transmissions, but our workforce has always maintained a “can do” mindset delivering for the Company and our customers.

The 8F57 program includes four new end items that we will ship to the VanDyke transmission Plant. Most of these new processes will be integrated into existing departments.

Hob changeover trials have started in D578 and new equipment has started to arrive and be set in place in D678. Transmission Job #1 for this program is February 2018, with requirements to supply Tooling Tryout (TT) level parts to VanDyke by September 2017.

The 10R80 transmission launched in Livonia last year, and we will be launching the same transmission here with a Job #1 date of October 2018. This program brings in an all new Transmission and Test Assembly system, Main Control Assembly and Sub-Assembly systems, Carrier Assembly lines, Case and Valve Body Machining lines, and new and retooled Gear Manufacturing equipment. The new systems are designed with flexibility for alternate transmission and component architectures to deliver new products while achieving better investment efficiencies and utilization of our facilities.

The 10R140 transmission with be an all-new product with Job #1 timing of August 2019. This product will be built on the same assembly systems as the 10R80. In addition, there is extensive retooling of existing gearing equipment to support this program. It also includes new Case and Valve Body machining lines, and new Carrier Assembly lines.

We have recently added new members to the launch team, and have plans for additional postings over the next few months. Thanks to the following individuals who have recently joined the launch team:

Mike Endres, Electrician, D943 — 10R80/140 Aluminum Machining

Bryan Dessauer, Machine Repair, D902 — 10R80/140 Assembly and Test

Matt Pennington, Manufacturing Tech, D678 — 8F57 Gear Machining

Ken Maybury, Machine Repair, D943 — 10R80/140 Aluminum Machining

John Stoy, Electrician, D902 — 10R80/140 Assembly and Test

Anthony Grubb, Manufacturing Tech, D865 — 8F57/10R140 Carrier Assembly

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