Quality Catch Keeps Defective Parts Away From Customers

The 10R Oil Pump Assembly Team’s commitment to quality saved the facility an estimated 25 to 50 thousand dollars and prevented defective parts from reaching its customer base. A defective supplier part was creating small shavings which impacted the assembly process and the pump end of line test, causing First Time Through (FTT) Rejects.

While test rejects were piling up in the 10R regress area, maintenance was helping trouble shoot the assembly station and noticed the sharp edge on the supplier part which was contributing to the issue. The team responded by keeping all assembled parts on hold until further investigation including ones which successfully passed end of line testing.

“Once we saw the FTT data and got our arms around it in the plant, we had to tear down a lot of the pumps to ensure nothing was passed on to our customer. The assembly team did a great job taking data during the teardown process and we were able to use that data to confirm both start and end points for the supplier defective material that was built into the pumps. We were also able to confidently avoid tearing down hundreds of extra pumps that did not have the defective supplier material included and safely ship those to our customer. While the issue was a large distraction to both us and our supplier, the attention to detail through the containment and teardown process prevented a much larger cost impact and protected our customer who was not impacted at all” said Master Blackbelt Eric Fereshetian.

The 10R Team had to partition its team so that the department could still run as well as tear down parts and track each serial number to look for defects. It was a labor-intensive and timely effort to complete the full pump teardown while taking accurate data and preserving non affected parts for reuse but it was worth the effort according to Fereshetian “this was a smarter process, we could’ve just thrown away 2,000 pumps and not done anything.”

The 10R Team was recognized for its efforts and treating customers like family. We continue to maintain a clean quality record with our customer Sharonville Transmission Plant for providing defect free Oil Pump Assemblies used in F250 Super Duty Vehicles.