RCP celebrates International Women's Day

      Rawsonville Components Plant celebrated International Women's Day on Wednesday, March 11 by committing to equality in the workplace by becoming even more aware of ways to encourage women's success in manufacturing.

    Termed a "Challenge Conversation," the discussed focused on where women stand in the workplace nationally and at Ford, ways to help women become a stronger part of each team and then making individual pledges to help in one area or another.

    Plant Manager Angela Weathers pointed out that manufacturing has been slow to increase the number of women in its ranks. In 2014, Ford's manufacturing sector was composed of 84 percent men, and in 2018 that number increased to 86 percent. A total of 17 percent of new hires in 2018 has been women, she said. 

    A higher percentage of women are in the seniority range nearing retirement than are coming in, Weathers pointed out.

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