Putting People First

A dedicated worker, family man, and frequent volunteer in his community, John Nasar is a shining example of how you can always find the time to give back, no matter how busy your schedule gets.  

An employee of Ford Motor Company of over 20 years and an engineer in the PVT department of Oakville Assembly, John believes that when you invest in people and your community you invest in the future.

“When you give your time and volunteer, you feel rich inside when you are helping others be the best that they can be,” John said. “Giving back to others is very rewarding – especially when my kids see all these things I am doing, and they follow, it feels good to see that it is building a strong generation of giving back.”

From Cadets to Habitat for Humanity, Dog Guides to Scouts Canada, John volunteers his time any way he can. Not only does he help multiple community organizations, he is a devoted member of a diverse group of career and education centered organizations such as PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario), ASQ (American Society of Quality) and STEM.  Through these organizations, he focuses on people development by teaching important professional skills, leadership and quality assurance to the next generation so that they can succeed in their future careers.

John also works with students from grades 9 to 12 through the Lion’s International Oakville Division and their ‘Leo’ program by building up their professional portfolio that will help guide them in their future. “These students are given the opportunity to run their own fundraisers and through this, they learn valuable professional skills long before they start their career, which they may not have had the opportunity otherwise, and it helps them to stand out amongst the crowd,” said John.

Amongst all the incredible work John does in the community, he always makes sure to include his collogues too. John has been driving force behind multiple events and community outreach activities at Oakville Assembly. From the annual Christmas potluck to gathering his fellow co-workers in PVT to clean up and re-build a local conservation park, “When I plan things like this, I plan it because I know it is going to be fun, and people look forward to these events. It boosts morale and people enjoy making these memories,” said john.

This spring, John will be participating as a Key Note speaker at the World ASQ seminar in Toronto, Ontario.  He will be talking about some of the things he is most passionate about; lean manufacturing, innovation, Six Sigma and how it all relates to quality. John’s passion for quality, leadership and community outreach transcends throughout Oakville Assembly, setting a positive example for the rest of us and how we can always find a way to put people first.


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