Environmental Clean-Up

Dave Torosian removes trash from the Rouge River embankment.

WAYNE, Mich. - Over the summer, MAP’s Environmental Department volunteered their time to two different projects for the City of Wayne. The first was a day dedicated to cleaning up the section of the Rouge River that runs along Michigan Ave. opposite the plant. The City of Wayne lies within what is called the Lower 2 sub-watershed – a 21,024 acre drainage area that drains straight into the Lower Branch of the Rouge River. Recent efforts to clean and protect the river have had a profound impact on the river’s water quality and the habitat that surrounds it. MAP Environmental wanted to do their part to join in on these efforts and, more specifically, make an impact for the better here in Wayne. Ten volunteers were able to fill over 30 garbage bags with trash and debris that had accumulated along the river and embankment leading up to Michigan Ave.

The second project MAP’s Environmental Department was a part of is called the Friend’s Project: People Helping People. Put on by the City of Wayne, the People Helping People project aims to reach out to the community by doing minor repairs and painting a selected house within the City. Nineteen different homes around the City have been painted as a result of the project, and Ford Environmental was proud to volunteer to serve on the council this year for the project, and was able to help with the many repairs on the home as well as participate in the main painting day. They were joined by the rest of the project council, as well as the JROTC to help a citizen of Wayne in need.

  • Oct-24-2016
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