LTP Upgrades its Facilities, Roof and Parking Lot

The experience of employees working on the plant floor is one of the top concerns of Ford leadership. Earlier this year, Ford committed to spending $1 billion to improve the workplace experience for employees in its manufacturing facilities, including here at Livonia Transmission Plant. Livonia Transmission Plant is making repairs to its roof, parking lots, and bathrooms. There are plans to install eight water stations on the shop floor and changes to the 24/7 marketplace are underway as well.

Hot food is now available for all shifts, an expansion from one day a week and welcome news for MP&L team member Armond Gary. “It’s good, it’s fresh and it’s more than enough because the portions are big,” Gary said. “I don’t cook, so when my wife can’t pack my lunch because she’s out of town for work, I don’t always have lunch. So, I have to run to the store, but I don’t always have enough time.” Marty Campbell, a Gears team member agrees. “It’s nice to have an option. I usually go out but it’s better that this is here because once I’m here, I’m here for the day.”

Facilities Manager Charles Rohrborn plans to install eight water stations by the beginning of 2023. The first has already been installed in Center Area, near Medical. Water stations will provide ice, serve as a water fountain, and water bottle refill station.

Approximately 128,000 square feet of asphalt on the north end of the building from Gate 12 to Dock Road, and a second stretch of pavement on the west side of the building from Gate 6 to the West Administration Building, are scheduled to be repaved this fall.

Repaving the area around Gate 12 may affect parking options but Rohrborn has been working with UAW Health and Safety Representative Tony Galea and other UAW leadership to ensure that asphalt repairs will have a minimal impact on employee parking.

“These facility investments not only represent a commitment to keeping LTP a premier manufacturing plant, but they represent a commitment to our employees to improve their work experience here at LTP,” Rohrborn said.

Cosmetic upgrades to bathrooms are also being completed along with lighting being added to the north parking lot.

“I would like to give a big thank you to our employees who have had the courage to speak up, whether it was in a skip-level, our culture survey or via your UAW Rep or Process Coach,” said Human Resources Manager Chris Baker. “You’ve given us candid feedback on how we can make your employee experience here at LTP better. Both the UAW and Company leadership are committed to improving the culture at LTP. We want you to know that we’ve heard you and very shortly, you will see even more improvements that we are committed to making throughout the facility.”