LEP achieves 100 percent on curtailment exercise

For close to a decade now, Lima Engine Plant has been successful in completing annual curtailment tests that require the plant to reach a desired decrease of energy usage.

It’s not an easy task, and requires the participation of nearly every employee in the plant. For a one-hour period, nearly every department in the plant essentially shut down to achieve a specific level. The test allows the plant to prove that it can curtail a certain and specified amount of electricity.

Facilities engineer Tony Schroeder has coordinated the test for several years. Schroeder said it’s important to achieve a 100 percent passage of the test, which allows the plant to receive monetary compensation from its electricity provider. Schroeder communicates with plant departments during the one-hour test, and lets employees know how much further we need to decrease. 

LEP was successful in achieving the desired level. “I just wanted to thank everyone for going the extra mile to make this project an overwhelming success. Our success is due largely to the coordination, teamwork and productive relationships across our departments.”