Safety Glasses Policy Update

Ford Motor Company’s general PPE safety glasses policy is revised, effective Feb. 22, 2018, until further notice. Please review the revisions below and share with your teams.

·    Safety glasses are required inside “Yellow Lines” in all production areas

·    Safety glasses are not required in main aisles or walk ways

·    Safety glasses are not required in designated break areas

·    Safety glasses are not required by MP&L employees in docks or delivering stock lineside, including tote deliveries at the back of creform racks in engine assembly

·    If MP&L employee walks into lineside workstation, they will be required to wear safety glasses


Safety glasses or prescription safety glasses with side shields will continue to be required by all employees once they have reached their work area and remain on while in the work area. The following areas will continue to be 100% safety glasses required, including for general entry:

·    Construction and demolition areas

·    Waste Treatment/Powerhouse Facilities

·    PMHV Re-fueling/recharging operations

·    Skilled trades’ employees will continue to be required to wear safety glasses in all areas, other than the designated pedestrian aisles and break areas, as part of general entry

The policy revisions listed in this document are applicable to all Ford employees, contractors, visitors, service contractors and vendors entering the facilities.

The foundation of a successful workplace safety program is one that encourages identification of unsafe behaviors and assists employees to make well-informed safety decisions during daily routine tasks. Please keep safety as your number one priority at Lima Engine Plant, and report any unsafe behaviors to your supervisor.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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