Pipefitters earn Employee of Month honors

Ron Lingenfelter and Joe Brenneman were recently selected as the January 2018 Employees of the Month at Lima Engine Plant.

Both men were instrumental in coming up with an innovative project that will result in a significant cost savings to the plant.

The issue: D35 East Crank Op70’s were carrying out Gundrill oil into the chip hoppers with no known way of reclaiming the oil, which was then taken to waste treatment with the chips for disposal. The annual Gundrill oil usage was over 15,000 for four operations.

With assistance from pipefitters Brenneman and Lingenfelter, along with the Houghton TFM team, the group created an oil saver cart to pump out the chip hoppers reclaiming the Gundrill oil, while leaving the chips. After trialing the cart, the group recovered 81 gallons from 3 operations in just one month (one operation was under repair).

The problem was when the chips filled the hopper, the oil collected at the bottom of the hopper and couldn’t be collected. The team designed and installed 2” pvc pipes in the corners of the chip hoppers approximately .5” from the bottom. Now, when the chip hopper is full, the Gundrill oil is reclaimed.

The results show 34 gallons per week of oil is now being reclaimed from Op70.4. The pipefitters are currently working on installation of the corner pipes for the other three operations. The annual projected savings of 2,860 gallons will result in an approximate savings to the plant of $33,000 annually.




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