3Q Safety Campaign

When it comes to creating and maintaining a safe work environment here at LEP,  who is the MOST important person around the plant? YOU ARE! Each and every one of you make a big difference. When you act safely and teach others how to do the same, you help ensure we all get to go home and spend time with our friends and loved ones.  Yes, I know it may sound a bit cliché, maybe even a little lame, but there is a lot of truth to it, safety is everyone’s responsibility!

When you, or one of your coworkers, have a question that relates to safety at LEP, who are you going to call?

First, speak with your Process Coaches, Team Leaders, Managers, anyone that you may work around day to day and see if they can help you. Through training and experiences many of the people you are around regularly may be able to help you. Second, you can contact a member of the LEP Safety Team. Please find attached to this message a few slides that will introduce you to the members of this team and how they may be able to help answer the questions you have!

Safety doesn’t start and stop when you drive through the gates of LEP, it is ongoing at all times. So here are a couple safety reminders from the LEP Safety Team to help you, your friends, and your loved ones stay safe:

Monday, August 21st, parts of the United States will get to observe a total solar eclipse. Unfortunately Lima, OH will not be able to see this locally, but will be able to observe an eclipse of about 80%. It is very important to know that  even when this much of the sun is blocked, looking directly towards the sun during this time can still be extremely dangerous. Should you like to view the sun during the eclipse special viewing glasses can be purchased at participating retailers. Additional information about the eclipse can be found on NASA’s website at: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/eclipse-101

In all of your communities, our students are returning to school. This means school busses are returning to the roads and students are walking in areas where there may be vehicle traffic. Please pay extra attention and obey posted sings on school buses and around schools in all of our communities. Remember, these children may not be part of your family, but they are part of someone’s family, maybe even one of your coworkers, and they deserve to get home safely as well!


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