KTP Foursome Featured at 2020 Fleet Sales Preview Show

Ford and Lincoln fleet sales account for 30% of the total vehicle purchases, many those vehicles made right here at KTP. For the 2020 Fleet Pre-view convention, 600 of the top Ford and Lincoln Fleet customers were invited to Denver in early May to review the new models, participate in a “Ride & Drive” event and see the many options available to Fleet sales.  

Fleet sales cover rental cars companies, law enforcement, construction and utility trucks in many configurations, transit vehicles, executive cars and large super duty trucks for haulers and other transport.

This year’s theme is “The Best Never Rest” and to help deliver that message, NA Fleet created an opening video played at the convention that shows the commitment, dedication and passion for the product. KTP was proud to represent the Assembly plants.

Launch Produce Specialist Leon Nelson (26 years), Customer Acceptance Inspectors and Launch Trainers Mike Gregory (26 years) and Joe Virgin (25 years) and Quality Inspector Amy Leonard (24 years) sat down to lunch at Johnny Bruscos for a candid discussion of what “The Best Never Rest” means to them.

Watch the video and listen to the pride in their work, their company and their fellow employees at KTP. With their combined 100 years of service, they did us proud.


After filming was complete, the four expressed their enthusiasm for being part of this opportunity to show-off what KTP brings to Fleet sales.

“This has been a refreshing reward because I was asked to be part of this and I’m flattered they [management] think enough of us to represent Ford. It was very special.” – Leon Nelson

“I love my job and to share that is really special.” – Amy Leonard

“Excited to be a part of this – Ford is great.” – Joe Virgin

“Proud to produce these trucks and ship to the customers.” – Mike Gregory

KTP Foursome Featured in Video for Fleet Preview Show

Leon Nelson, Mike Gregory, Joe Virgin and Amy Leonard represent KTP

  • May-21-2019
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