Newly Converted Temporary Workers Celebrate Becoming Full Time Ford Employees at Kansas City Assembly Plant

With the recent announcement made by the company to convert temporary workers ahead of schedule, many Kansas City Assembly Plant workers are reveling in the merriment of a new title – becoming a full time Ford employee. Workers who were previously temporary employees are now transitioning to full time / in-progression status ahead of the contractually stated timeline.

Celebrating in the news, Shannon Rogers, an operator in the instrument panel (IP line) for the Truck Trim department shared her excitement. “On Thursday, I became a Ford employee,” she said. “It was a bit nerve-wracking at first working as a temp, but I was very surprised when I was notified that I was going to full time status. It was a big relief. My child will benefit from the healthcare benefits, so it came at a good time. My whole family retired from Ford on my father’s side, so I am so happy to continue our family heritage going forward.”

Nathan Boulden, an operator in Transit Chassis Zone 1 shared that while he’s been on the job as a temp for about a year, he is glad to be converting. “I just turned 22,” he said. “And while I have no kids right now, I’m still glad to have the healthcare and it wasn’t too long of wait. I took the test and got in. And while healthcare is important to me, I was mostly concerned for the hours and my paycheck, but so far things are going well. People told me to stick it out. For a company that has been around this long, I’m glad to have the opportunity to work here.”

Having hired in during the fall of last year, Ruth Hovermale, an operator in the Truck Chassis department is proud to follow in her family’s footsteps becoming a full-time Ford employee. “My husband has worked nearly 29 years out here and my father-in-law was a former plant manager, I’ve had two uncles retire from here, my son and daughter-in-law as well as my nephew all work out here,” she said. “So, you could say it has definitely been a family affair.”

“I’d been a temp for almost seven months,” explained Lucas Serrano, an operator in the box secure area of F-150. “My wife is pregnant with our first baby, so we are grateful to have the healthcare benefits. My old job had been starting to get to me, so I was glad to know that after a week after I’d put in my application, they offered me a job here. And now that I’m full-time, it really gives me a sense of relief. Plus, it gives me a real feeling of pride to see our trucks out on America’s highways and know that I am a part of it.”