Ford Pro Marketing Team Visits Kansas City Assembly Plant to Tour All Things Transit

Putting our commercial vehicles into the spotlight for craftsmen, emergency responders and fleet purchasers are things the Ford Pro marketing team is all about. Since Kansas City Assembly Plant produces in-demand products for industrial markets, the team decided to pay a visit to the plant to learn all about Transit.

Taking a tour through the facility, the group was impressed with the operations of the factory and the people behind the manufacturing process. “The work that you and your teams are doing is so important for our company and I know how tough it is when the line shuts down because a part didn’t come in and you have to stop work,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Ford PRO, Wanda Young. “On the other side of that, I have spoken with customers who cannot build the ambulances they need so badly because they are waiting for us to provide their chassis cabs and they are looking for us to deliver. People depend on us every day and you are all a big part of that.”

“To see where the magic starts with the team working hard to build quality vehicles to our customers, it’s just extraordinary,” said Jodi Durkin, head of digital engagement. “To see how well run the plant is, to hear from engineers on how they go the extra mile to solve our customer needs and watching the teams at work to include the Ford Pro vision of helping our buyers with solutions for the future – it was all just fantastic.”

“Having grown up in Kansas City, I was proud to bring my team here to tour and I love seeing the pride that this plant takes in being a big part of how Ford Pro owns 95 percent share of the electric van market,” said Young. “Thank you all for what you do to help us deliver!”