Transit Trim Operator Receives 3-D Mach-E Pony Sculpture

A typical day on social media turned out to be a rewarding boost for one Kansas City Assembly Plant (KCAP) employee. Darren Johnson, an operator in the Transit trim department is a subscriber to the Blue Oval Now (BON) app. Upon looking at the app one day and noticing some news about the Mustang Mach-E, he decided to share the link and spread the word.

In turn, Ford Motor Company gifted Johnson a 3-D printed sculpture of a Mustang Mach-E pony for his participation and sharing his enthusiasm. Johnson mentioned one of his son’s schoolmates’ father works at the Thoroughbred Ford dealership in Kansas City and they had recently been discussing the Mach-E in conversation. “I got excited about Mach-E because of the electrification factor,” he said. “It was so cool knowing how it was such a future-forward type of vehicle.”

Being an employee of KCAP nearly seven years, Johnson says he feels the BON app is a good way to keep up with Ford news. “Some of my coworkers mentioned it and discovered it was a good way to keep up with things going on within the company,” he said.

Upon receiving the sculpture, Johnson said, “It’s really neat and so futuristic looking. I’m going to take it home and put it in my man cave.”