KCAP Takes Winning Title in Win By Losing Challenge

Kansas City Assembly Plant recently took the winning title for our division for the most weight loss of all plants competing in the challenge among UAW-Ford teams. This is a second win for KCAP during the four years of participating in the Blue-Cross & Blue-Shield of Michigan program.

There were 23 participants and in total, members lost a total of 215 pounds across the nine-week program. Closely behind KCAP was Buffalo Stamping Plant with a total of 190 pounds lost.

“I love this challenge and I enjoy seeing the success that people have doing it,” said Denise Cavlovic, KCAP Fitness Center Manager. “It’s also fun to witness how fired up the rivalry can be among other plants. It is a great program in design and very effective in how we were able to track and tally our progress.”

As the overall winner in total weight loss of 36 pounds, Javon Harris, Forklift Driver – Transit expressed that the motivation for his weight loss was his wife and daughter. “I wanted to improve my health and overall well-being,” he said. “Now I feel amazing. It’s incredible to feel like a 20-year-old again.”

When asked if he was proud of himself in reaching his goal, Harris said, “I am very proud. Nevertheless, I am not done. I plan to keep on going.”

The second-place finisher with 27 pounds lost was Caleb Wetherton, Operator – Transit Trim. His motivation for his weight loss was his three children. “I wanted to set a good example for them,” he said.

When asked how he feels being 27 pounds lighter, Wetherton says, “I feel awake, athletic and body-positive. It feels good that other people can visually see my changes and it motivates them too. I am proud that I reached the goal that I set for myself. I still want to lose some more, but I hit the inches I wanted to lose from my waist and that felt great.”

Fitness Center staff are trained to assist anyone in their exercise goals, no matter the level of difficulty and can offer tips on safe fitness and avoiding injury. “We are always tracking our people to ensure they’re working out safely and reaching their goals,” said Cavlovic. “We are readily available to assist folks in any way we can.”


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