Operation Raptor Visits Kansas City Assembly Plant

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It’s an artistic symbol of patriotism, and an example of the best off-road technology Ford has to offer.  And the workforce at Kansas City Assembly Plant got to see it up close.
Randy Hayes, president and founder of America’s Fallen Heroes brought his Navy SEALs dedicated Raptor to the plant last month.  The truck is one of six of a series of F-150 Super-Crew Raptors with Special Forces-themed paint. The one that visited KCAP honored 70 years of sacrifice of the Navy SEALs and Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs).
America’s Fallen Heroes, LLC, was founded by Hayes in 2005 and is a volunteer group dedicated to assisting veterans who have been critically injured in battle.
 Hayes’ mission was to create an educational platform which would tour the country with a purposeful cause to enhance awareness and raise funds to help Special Forces’ victims. This mobile platform travels across America stopping at community events, professional sporting games, military bases and Ford dealerships educating the public about the cause.
“I am the son of a Marine. My family’s military history goes back to the Civil War,” says Hayes. “So it meant a lot to me to represent our veterans in this way.”
The trucks will tour the nation throughout 2014 and 2015. Upon conclusion of the tour, the vehicles will be auctioned with proceeds benefitting the 501-3c charitable trust.
“The UAW and Ford employees have been extremely supportive of ‘Operation Raptor’ and the effort behind it,” says Hayes. “It was important for me to recognize and assist our veterans and that is why I started this project.”