Excitement builds as we near new Mustang reveal

      The secrecy shrouding the new Mustang is about to fall away as it makes its debut on Wednesday, Sept. 14 as part of the Detroit Auto Show. Throughout the plant, we’ve seen the covered vehicles and heard the whispers – all of us waiting for the great reveal.

      Plant leaders and the new model/launch team have seen the finished vehicle already and are excited about the latest member of the Mustang lineage.  Model 650 is the all-new, seventh-generation Mustang.

      “I’m really excited about it,” said Wes Hazel, acting plant manager. “The Mustang is ‘our’ car and I’m looking forward to seeing the public reaction.”

      UAW Local 3000 Chair Kenny Tomalak is equally looking forward to the reveal.

       “Ford invested $800 million in the all-new Mustang. I am excited to see the desire from the public for this car,” Tomalak said. “With so many wanting to go electric, it’s nice to see Ford hanging on to an icon and investing in the future of this plant and the Mustang.”

      Members of the Launch Team are among those who have seen the uncovered version and have had to keep silent for months now. They, too, are eager for the reveal.

      “It’s an awesome car. I think it’s going to be a great seller,” said Pat Bilbry, New Model coordinator.

      Michael Staley has served as a repair person for all Mustang launches since the sportscar moved to FRAP from the Rouge. The first launch at FRAP was in 1989.

    “Looking for potential problems in new models always is fun. We don’t want something going out to our customers that as a problem,” Staley said.

            The official debut is being called “The Stampede.” It will be broadcast live on Wednesday, Sept. 14 starting at 8 p.m. on all social channels, including Ford YouTube and the Ford Mustang Facebook Page. The debut will be held at Hart Plaza in Downtown Detroit.