APM Message: Teamwork gets us over the rough spots

Wesley Hazel, acting plant manager

    As an area manager, I know this to be true, but it really hits home when you take on the responsibility and role of acting plant manager – teamwork is what makes Flat Rock Assembly Plant not only achieve but WIN.

    It’s no lie that when I took on this role, our plant hit a bump in the road. No, it hit several bumps in the road. We had shortages of several parts that shortened our workdays and cancelled a Saturday production. Then we had breakdowns in the plant equipment in Paint and Final. We got hit from all sides! It was brutal.

     The first week of the month had constant “surprises,” but we’ll still end our month relatively well. Once we got the parts and the equipment issues resolved, our plant team excelled in performance and got us back on track to be successful.

     Team is never a “me” sport and it’s trying times like this that show how very true that is and how when we work together, we can overcome any obstacle. Working with our plant UAW Local 3000 leadership and with the plant management team, we worked out the logistics and then our outstanding teams throughout the entire plant performed at their very best.

      I don’t want to jinx it but, since then, we’ve run very smoothly.

    One of my friends joked with me that being acting plant manager just meant that I had to keep the seat warm. That is so far from the reality and now I have an even greater appreciation for the role seeing firsthand what needs to be done when nothing seemed to go right.

      No one knows when our new plant manager will be named. Until then, I am thankful for this opportunity. I am grateful to Daryl Sykes, Director of Manufacturing and John Savona, vice president, Americas Manufacturing & Labor Affairs, Ford Blue, for entrusting this plant to me.  And I’m grateful for the support from the UAW and our Management Team at this plant. I appreciate you all so much!!