Team Leader Jeff Beuschlein Displays Creative Talent With Peculiar Medium

Body Shop Team Leader Jeff Beuschlein, Hawaii’s surf, sun and scenery are his muse. Beuschlein creates wall art using vintage license plates and Mustang emblems, an amazing talent considering Jeff is colorblind.

Jeff started making pieces after a family trip to Hawaii. He and his family fell in love with the place, so much so that he made a sign in the shape of an arrow pointing in the direction of Hawaii out of license plates from that state. Using his garage as a workshop, Jeff drafted the shape of the sign on his drawing board and using metal sheers, he cut each piece of the license plate into the proper shape and attached it to the wooden plaque.

After he displayed the sign in the house, his kids asked him to create signs for them as well. He ended up creating a Calavera for his daughter. Calaveras are more commonly known as sugar skulls, which are sculptures of skulls decorated with colored foil, beads, and icing. His friend wanted a Michigan helmet, so Jeff made it with old plates from our state.

As Jeff started making pieces for his co-workers, word spread around the plant and Jeff was approached by the Body Shop manager to create a sign for Brandon, a boy sponsored by the Make-A-Wish Foundation who wanted to see the factory that produces Mustangs, his favorite car. Typically, it takes Jeff a week or two to create a sign, but Brandon would be coming to FRAP in three days.  Jeff had to burn the midnight oil and he got the job done, even managing to set up his work area so that Brandon could press the button that would allow him to help build a Mustang.   

Jeff then was asked to make another sign for Toys for Tots ambassador Connor Adcock. Connor’s sign was like Brandon’s, with both signs spelling out the boys’ names using Michigan license plates and adding in Mustang memorabilia.

Jeff doesn’t usually charge for his work, electing to give pieces away for charitable causes or to friends and co-workers for free. Jeff has made signs for active and retired Michigan State police officers as well as active duty and veteran armed services members.

He’s also created pieces for employees at other Ford facilities. Every piece Jeff creates is custom made to relate to each person.

 On the rare occasion that he does charge for his work, he only asks for enough money to cover the cost of the materials.

Jeff also creates art for himself as well. His staircase holds the largest mural he’s ever created – a 70 by 60 inch map of the United States with plates from every state.

The Team Leader with over two decades of seniority in the Body Department loves the excitement and joy his art provides. It makes all the effort worthwhile, he said. One day Jeff hopes to retire to Hawaii, getting plenty of inspiration and making murals small and large for tourists at the beach.



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