Working behind the scenes

Process engineer, Rouge Electric Vehicle Center employee, music video director. Rodney Scott wears many hats.

Scott began his journey with Ford in 2017 at Dearborn Truck as an hourly employee and has held several roles during his tenure. He moved from DTP to Dearborn Stamping all while studying at Wayne State University.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Scott became a process coach at DTP Final and then a few months later became process engineer at the REVC.

Scott describes himself as a “technical guy” and adds that he has always been creative ever since he was young.

“Since I was around eight years old, I’ve always been an artist,” he said. “I would start off drawing and I would show my mom my drawings and she would say, ‘You didn’t draw this!’ And I’d tell her, ‘Yes, I did!’”

Scott continues drawing to this day whether it be commissions from friends or sketching in his spare time. His focus recently has been on music video directing and filming.

“I watch a lot of movies and I would always wonder about the behind the scenes work and I would think to myself, ‘I really want to do that,’” he said.

About a year ago, Scott picked up a video camera and hasn’t stopped. He films videos for local artists and friends and runs his YouTube page RodScottStudios where he posts all of his work. He is also working toward creating a company called CosmikQube productions. The name is an ode to his love of comic books.

He met fellow creatives during his time at Wayne State as well as participating in video game tournaments. He loves all the creativity that goes into producing music videos and the technical aspect as well.

“I enjoy every aspect of it – from filming, editing to directing,” he said. “It’s really satisfying when you get a great shot and create something.”

Scott hopes to continue building CosmikQube and expand his clientele. He plans on creating short films in the near future, and dreams of one day directing a blockbuster film.

When it comes to his future with Ford, Scott said that working for the REVC is a dream come true. He hopes to one day help with BlueOvalCity in Tennessee and continue taking part in the future of electrification.

“When I was in Final, I would always think about electric trucks and think of ways to make the process easier - management wise and assembly wise,” he said.

Scott adds that it would be incredible if one day his company could produce something for Ford’s media team.

“I’ve always wondered about the Ford media team and how I could start doing work with them,” he said. “It would be interesting if my company got to that point!”

Working behind the scenes

REVC process engineer discusses passion for music video production

  • May-16-2022
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