A True DEP Hero: DEP Supervisor Pulls Survivors from Local Car Crash

January 4, 2020 Dearborn Engine Plant supervisor, J.C. Mosson pulled survivors of a graphic car crash out to safety at the intersection of Rotunda & Southfield Freeway service drive.  It’s rare that we come across people who go the extra mile, love a little harder and feel compelled to take action, but here at Ford we think different. We are doers and changemakers that “Put People First” and always “Do the Right Thing.”


Employees just returned to work and business carried on as usual after holiday break. Lines ran, parts shipped, materials were delivered, and employees shared stories – Business as usual.


On the way home from a typical day at Dearborn Engine Plant, J.C. Mosson, [job title and area] witnessed a crash that resulted in one vehicle flipping through an intersection only to land in the grass on the side of the road.




A car came off the freeway headed southbound and made a left on rotunda through a red light. The impact of the crash spun one car around and propelled another to flip through the intersection of Rotunda and the Southfield freeway service drive.


“As soon as it landed, I jumped out of my car, “said J.C. “My first thought was I didn’t want this car to blow up with passengers still inside of it.”


J.C. raced across the street and pulled the first passenger out of the backseat of the car, an oriental man, disoriented and confused as others watched. Noticing a woman still inside, he proceeded to free the woman and checked if any others were inside the vehicle. Others soon came to help tend to the survivors while J.C. instructed key witnesses to move their vehicles to decongest traffic.


“Hey, let’s get our cars out of the street so traffic can flow, and I’ll call 911,” he said.  J.C. told officers what happened and proceeded to head home safely.


“I carried on throughout my week as usual and by Tuesday I noticed Denise Gassam looking my way,” said J.C. “She called me over and told me to have a seat. ”


Denise went on to tell J.C. about a terrible car crash she had seen on her way home from worked Saturday evening. She said that she saw this guy run out of his car to go help the passengers from the crash and let J.C. know that she saw that it was him. Denise thanked him and insisted that he tell people about what happened. This was something that had to be shared.


“You should tell people! Not only are you a leader in here [Dearborn Engine Plant}, but you’re a leader out there as well,” said Denise, Health & Safety Representative. “You represent more than just yourself, you represent our plant, our company and everything we at Ford are all about.”


J.C. credits his acts to simply being a part of who he is and commented that it’s just what any good person would do. He saw something happen that was traumatic and felt like people needed help so that’s what he did and then went on about his day. He was mostly surprised that no one else jumped out to help. Cars continued to go by and traffic continued to flow. Everyone has places to be, but nothing is more important than a life, he said.


“We put people first because people drive the future. Material things are replaceable, not people,” said J.C. “A plant could blow up and we would find ways to adjust, but if something happens to a single person, it’s going to be a bigger deal.”


We honor, Good Samaritan, J.C. Mosson this Black History Month and are inspired by his commitment to putting people first and doing the right thing.


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